Schmalenbrook 14
24647 Wasbek
Grundat: 1923
Anställda: 200
About Knuth Machine Tools:
KNUTH Machine Tools is a leading supplier of conventional and CNC machine tools.
The family business, founded in 1923, is now in its 4th
generation, with Philip and Kristian Knuth working alongside owner Karsten
Knuth. KNUTH is a global company with a presence in more than 30
In the 16,000 m2 showroom at the company’s headquarters in Wasbek,
customers can see machines for all areas of machining and metal working
available for demos and quick delivery.
We offer a large portfolio of machine tools for almost all technologies of
metal working, CNC and conventional, with a focus on cost/performance
Our team consits of experienced sales consultants and seasoned engineers.
We’ll find the perfect machine and financing option for your business!
Large stocks not only in DE, but also in our international subsidiaries,
demonstration and competence centers
Our highly trained service team is on hand to make sure that we are quick
to respond to your needs.

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SS-EN ISO 9001


Matthias Rohwer
Sales Manager Export
+49 4321 609-147


The Process of Making a KNUTH Machine Tool

The Process of Making a KNUTH Machine Tool
Inside KNUTH
Conventional Lathes
conventional milling machines
Bending and Forming Machines
CNC Milling Machines
CNC Lathe
Drill units
Drilling Machines
Grinding Machines
Sawing machines