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Upplagd: 2021-02-23
Mattias Petterson
08-705 27 10
Agneta Johansson
08 – 705 27 40



Spring support for extreme requirements
PTFE lip seals, which can be pressurized on one side, as rod or piston seals

Forseal seals from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies are groove-ring-like seals for pistons and rods that can be pressurized on one side. In their basic design, they consist of an especially stressable PTFE seal and a metal spring as a static pretensioning element for the seal lip. As a customer-specific solution, Forseal seals can be oriented to precise requirements for materials and designs.

Wide-ranging use with high functional security

With its nearly universal resistance and a spring- assisted seal design, Forseal permits optimal, long-lasting functional reliability in a wide range of applications – especially under extreme loads. The basic design consists of an especially stressable PTFE seal and a metal spring as a static pretensioning element for the seal lip. In case of heat expansion, this guarantees the optimum contact pressure if it cannot be provided by the system pressure during operation. Thanks to this combination, Forseal shows an extraordinary capacity to handle exposures to aggressive media, thermal influences as well as friction and abrasion. This makes it an especially reliable and cost-effective sealing approach for demanding requirements.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers standard Forseal designs from its broad, economical catalog product line. It includes Forseal FOI as an internally sealing, axially moved rod seal as well as Forseal FOA as an externally sealing, axially moved piston seal. This unilaterally active seal variation made of PTFE 10/F56110 is provided with a metallic tensioning spring made of 1.4310 steel and is quickly available for piston diameters of 5 to 200 mm (in some cases as stocked products). In addition, special dimensions can be delivered on request. As a customer-specific solution, Forseal can also be geared to precise material and design requirements, for example as a rotation seal with a radial/axial direction of action.

A wide array of PTFE compounds and spring materials is available for Forseal design. Other compounds from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies are available for special requirements, such as those in medical technology. That means the seal can be adapted to exactly the right requirements. Stainless steel (1.4310) is preferred for use in Forseal springs. To reliably seal applications in aggressive media, Freudenberg Seal Technologies also offers special spring materials such as Hastelloy C276.
Limits of Forseal use

It is rare for a seal concept to offer the multifaceted options that Forseal does. It only reaches its limits below –200°C and above +260°C, and at pressures above 30 MPa (dynamically) and 120 MPa (statically) as well as at speeds above 10 m/s alternating and above 2.5 m/s rotating.

* Operating parameters are dependent on one another and are maximum values. The seal type and the highest permissible values should always be adapted to the individual case.

Technical and economic advantages at a glance:

Very good chemical resistance
Extreme temperature resistance
Low friction
No stick-slip effect
Good dry running characteristics
Outstanding functional reliability
Sterilization capability
Excellent cost-effectiveness
Short delivery times
Customer-specific solutions

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies already offers standardized Forseal designs as excellent technical and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of uses. The option of customer-specific adaptations also opens up the opportunity for reliable use in special applications.
Multifaceted applications

Among other areas, Forseal seals are employed in:

Exhaust gas recirculation
Auxiliary engine equipment
Manual and automatic transmissions
Headlight cleaning systems

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Freudenberg Sealing Technologies AB

Box 11004
16111 Bromma
Linta Gårdsväg 5
SE-16866 Bromma
Stockholms län
Grundat: 1972
Anställda: 32
Välkommen till Freudenberg Sealing Technologies AB

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies AB är ett helägt dotterbolag till FST (Freudenberg Sealing Technology) som grundades 1849 i södra Tyskland. FST är fortfarande ett av Tysklands största familjeägda bolag.
1972 grundades det svenska aktiebolaget.

FST erbjuder ett av marknadens bredaste program gällande tätningar och formdetaljer i polymera material. Vi arbetar med kunder inom ett flertal segment, bland annat mobil och stationär hydraulik, pneumatik, entreprenadmaskiner, armaturindustrin, verkstadsindustrin, livsmedels- och läkemedelsindustrin.
Våra referenskunder är till exempel Atlas Copco, Borg Warner, Ostnor, Wipro, John Deere, Stacke Hydraulik, PMC Hydraulik, Husqvarna AB, Cargokoncernen (HIAB, Kalmar, Z-Lyften) för att nämna några.

Vår ”preferred distributor” på den svenska marknaden är TOOLS Momentum AB.

Välkommen att kontakta oss!

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AAA – ISO 14001:2004 – ISO 9001:2008 – ISO/TS 16949:2009 – OHSAS 18001


Agneta Johansson
08 – 705 27 40
Mattias Petterson
08-705 27 10


Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

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