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Trimble's connected For­est Management System

Holmen embraces data-driven forestry with Trimble
As one of the largest forest owners in Sweden, Holmen is committed to become more data-driven in its forestry operations.

Trimble announced today that Holmen, a leading Swedish forestry company, has selected Trimble CONNECTED FOREST® as its new, comprehensive forest management system for Holmen Skog. ForestX, Trimble's service partner in Sweden, will implement the digital transformation project.

Holmen Skog, responsible for managing and developing Holmen's extensive land holdings totaling approximately 1.3 million hectares, is set to become the first in Sweden and Scandinavia to fully adopt the Trimble CONNECTED FOREST suite. Selecting the CONNECTED FOREST suite aligns with Holmen's strategic commitment to become more data-driven in its forestry operations.

Clas Engström, head of development at Holmen Skog, commented on the strategic move: "CONNECTED FOREST gives us a platform where we can add more solutions and systems in the future. We have a lot of data. Now we have a platform that makes it possible for our company to take a data-driven approach in our work for the long term. In Trimble, we have an active counterpart who continues to develop their software. We get inspiration from Trimble for our own development."

The adoption of the CONNECTED FOREST suite represents not only an IT project, but a significant shift in Holmen Skog's approach to work. Engström said, "We are also looking at changing our own working methods. We have involved large parts of the business to find some new approaches and to work in new ways."

"Holmen Skog's strategic adoption of Trimble's CONNECTED FOREST suite represents a pivotal moment in advancing data-driven forestry operations in Sweden," said Kevin Toohill, general manager of Trimble Forestry. "In collaboration with ForestX, this initiative is pivotal to transforming sustainable forest management."

ForestX plays a crucial role in implementing the project. Engström emphasized the value of ForestX's involvement: "ForestX is close to us and knows forestry in Sweden and Scandinavia. It will be a great advantage to collaborate in Swedish during these major development steps."

About Holmen
Holmen is one of Sweden's largest forest owners. We manage the forest actively and sustainably to make sure it grows optimally, giving us the best raw material. Adopting a long-term view, we take responsibility for the forest ecocycle from seed to replanting while safeguarding biodiversity. Our employees manage our forests, buy wood and help private forest owners with harvesting and silviculture.

About ForestX
ForestX offers digital solutions and business knowledge for the entire forest value chain, from forest to finished product. ForestX has well-known forestry and sawmill companies in Sweden, Denmark and Central Europe as customers. ForestX is the Scandinavian partner of Trimble Forestry, which provides the CONNECTED FOREST suite.

About Trimble Forestry
Trimble's forestry division offers SaaS and enterprise software to improve the productivity and sustainability of the world's most recognized integrated forest product companies, forest managers, conservation organizations, government departments, finished product manufacturers and the partners that connect the global forest supply chain. Trimble's CONNECTED FOREST solutions manage the full raw materials' lifecycle of planning, planting, growing, harvesting, transporting and processing. For more information, visit:


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